Who We Are

TruTrainer Premium Cycling rollers were created by us – Ross Belloni and Jeff Rhodes – because we had the idea that cycling rollers could feel much more like the real road than anything that was offered in the market.  As well as being friends and avid cyclists, we’re aerospace engineers with over 50 years experience designing and developing jet engines. So when one of us said “Hey, …why don’t we design a better set of cycling rollers”, the partnership was formed. Our goal was to engineer a set of rollers that would come as close as possible to duplicating a real world cycling experience. The TruTrainer design started in the 1980’s and we’ve been refining it ever since.

We’ve been riding together since the 1980’s; and with short daylight and harsh Indiana winters, our outdoor riding would be put on hold.  Each winter we’d spend many hours on rollers waiting on spring and the opportunity to outdo each other on the bike. The problem was that other than helping develop balance, rollers did little to simulate a real world training experience.  Sprinting or riding out of the saddle came nowhere close to the open road feel and the cyclic force “feedback” during each pedal stroke was completely inaccurate.

Evaluations by amateur and professional cyclists alike have confirmed that TruTrainer rollers deliver a real world training experience. We believe that our rollers will exceed your training expectations for those days when it’s too dark, dangerous, or inclement to be outside on the bike. We’ve been training on them for years now and our indoor training experience has never been better. The cycling team at Indiana’s Marian University agrees. We think our rollers have spoiled them because they can’t stand to go back to their old ones. One Marian College standout, Jake Rytlewski, rode them for six hours straight one snowy Saturday. He then rode them for another three hours on Sunday.  (…True story.)

Meet The Creators



Ross Belloni

I’ve always had a love for learning and a desire to make things better, so our small company environment is a perfect playground to create, invent, and improve. I really believe our TruTrainer products are a testament to my never-being-satisfied search for perfection, but hearing positive response and feedback from our customers is a great inspiration to keep going.

Jeff Rhodes

I’ve always been driven by finding ways to figure things out.  I guess my love for competitive cycling and a rewarding career in aerospace – engineering jet engines – is proof that I love precision and high performance.  Creating TruTrainer rollers with Ross was a natural extension of this, and became a fun way to design and build a product I really believe is the best on the market.

TruTrainer Rollers Establish a New Standard

Our mission at CycleDyne LLC is to design and manufacture the world’s best bicycle rollers. In pursuit of this, we have established new standards in functionality, performance, and quality.

Attention to detail, has delivered class leading functionality, and is evident throughout; from level ride attitude provided by the front roller elevation, to ride stability due to optimized roller geometry, to easy roller setup via self aligning stainless steel fasteners, to efficient transportability enabled by our precision hinge and carrying handle, to safer mounting and dismounting due to the non-slip surface of our platform and rails. Our unique integrated flywheel and viscous load device deliver world beating performance by providing a ride so realistic, that it is the next best thing to being on the road. And of course, we provide superb quality as exemplified by our excellent fit and finish delivered from using aerospace manufacturing tolerances.

So, please take a moment to explore what makes TruTrainer Premium Bicycle Rollers the world’s best bicycle rollers.  See for yourself the quality design and manufacturing that define this remarkable training tool.

Ross and Jeff