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Our SmartLoad Power Rollers deliver our most advanced indoor cycling training experience yet, and we think the most satisfying of any cycling roller training experience on the market.  Designed to absorb power for the even strongest riders  – our SmartLoad Power Rollers have tested above 1000 watts – the SmartLoad unit is completely contained within the rear roller providing an exceptionally clean package. In fact, the only visible differences between it and our proven TruTrainer Classic rear roller are the cooling slots through the roller end caps (sucking up that much power generates a bit of heat so we air cool the device).

The unit is self-powered via an internal generator so you can take it anywhere. There are no batteries to run down and no need for an external power supply. It wakes up at 8 MPH and you’re on your way. Super Capacitors provide 15 minutes of power after the rollers come to a stop so you’ll have time to refill water bottles, use the facilities, and perform software updates, etc. without losing your place.

The SmartLoad Power Rollers allow 3rd party training apps like Zwift or TrainerRoad to control the roller load via wireless ANT+ or BLE communication, adding a whole new dimension to your power training sessions.

SmartLoad Rollers can also be controlled using our free, custom smartphone app via BlueTooth, which comes with three modes for Manual, Target Power, or Wind and Grade power settings.

The SmartLoad Power Roller can be purchased as part of a complete roller assembly or as an upgrade to existing TruTrainer Classic rollers. Swap out the rear roller, download the app and you’re… rolling.

  • Frame dimensions in use:
    • 54.25″ Long
    • 19″ Wide
    • 21″ Wide with Roller Bumpers up front
    • 4″ from floor to top of frame
    • 6″ from floor to top of roller
  • Folded for storage:
    • 28″ tall x 6″ x19″
  • Roller Tubes
    • 4.5″ Diameter
    • 15.75″ Width

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Wheel Size

650c, 700c

Front Roller Bumper Wheels

Front Roller Bumper Wheels

Load Release

Load Release